October 2016 Newsletter

AKCO Newsletter 2/10/2016

October Newsletter

The breaking news, probably of the year is that AKCO acquired a commercial/ Industrial property, a yard which we can now call “Home for AKCO”! With so many Donations In Kind (DIK) coming in and being offered to support AKCO projects and work in Kenya, it had become completely untenable for AKCO to continue operating from our home base at Carrum Downs. It was also becoming very difficult and challenging for AKCO to get reliable places where our containers could be landed and parked without any hassles. Generally it is very expensive renting container storage space in Melbourne and AKCO was struggling, with very little option other than to either fold up completely or get own commercial yard for container storage. AKCO is now pleased to announce that we have secured this block of commercial/ industrial property in the seaport city of Hastings, Victoria. Donations In Kind (DIK) can still be delivered at our Carrum Downs home office or at Tootgarook collection point. Once the Hastings site is open and a container delivered then we will be in a position to start accepting Donations In Kind directly delivered at the Hastings site. The address is 160 Marine Parade, Hastings.

On behalf of the people of Kenya we would wish to acknowledge and recognise the following people for their support and very generous donations towards various projects:

Andrea Puddy, Director Hope Early learning centers for two car loads of donations from parents, children and teachers at Hope Early Learning Centers who drop in donations in kind at the four centers to make this massive donation happen.

Julie Kerdel and family for a donation of 3 suitcases and several bags of clothes.

A BIG thank you to Erna Scott for donating her time, skills and resources to build the AKCO website which we are hereby launching today. Please visit our brand new website at www.aussiekenyacommunity.org.

Many more thanks to Erna for not only building the website but for her family’s donation towards hosting the website online for a whole year! If you want a professional website built for your organisation or business please get in touch with Erna. Working with her is just a breeze and you’ll agree with us that the website just looks awesome!

Many more thanks and appreciation to all those who have continued to support AKCO financially including members of Deidre and Mark’s lesson class as well as other members of the Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) feeding program, Ps. Ian Rankin, Brian McFarlane, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin, Deidre and Geoffrey Bartlett and members of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Tax receipts that can be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax deductibility can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.