November 2016 Newsletter

Sharon and Mark Sidandi with AKCO Germany Direcor, Birgit Eger in Mauritius
Sharon and Mark Sidandi with AKCO Germany Direcor, Birgit Eger in Mauritius

Sharron at Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara Game Reserve Kenya.
Sharron at Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara Game Reserve Kenya.


Camp Lolgorian grounds. Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya.

Sharron, Collins and Emily at Camp Lolgorian in the Maasai Mara Kenya
Billy Blunt of the Matabariba Bio Construction supervising an earth bag building.

November Newsletter

AKCO Newsletter 2/11/2016

After a very eventful and exciting October month we hereby usher in November having accomplished quite a significant bit and with a lot of help from some very dedicated AKCO members in Australia, Germany and Kenya.


We are saddened to announce that we have lost one of our dear children at the Ng’ope school in Kenya. He passed on in an unfortunate tractor accident a couple of days ago. The late Master Okelo was in class 6 and has left the entire Ng’ope village and school community in deep mourning, RIP!


The exciting news is that AKCO is now global with a new AKCO Chapter opened in Germany. Big thanks to AKCO Director in Germany Birgit Eger for all the hard work and sacrifice she’s doing together with her team in Nuremberg, especially Harry to make this a reality. The AKCO Chapter in Germany is currently working around the clock to hold a fund raising event on the 11.11.2016 in Nuremberg. Funds raised will go towards the children’s education and to hire more qualified teachers as there’s a huge shortfall of qualified teachers at the school. More news about this exciting event will follow shortly.


Big thanks to Peter Huggan and James Kemp of the James KEMP mowing business for mowing the “Home for AKCO” yard at 160 Marine Parade, Hastings. We sincerely thank them for availing their time and machinery to perform this task and especially to Peter for financing the entire exercise.


We would like to recognise and give a massive thanks to all those who are delivering Donations In Kind (DIK) to our Carrum Downs and Tootgarook collection points. Special thanks to:


Sue of the Whitecliffs Beach Resorts, Rye for facilitating a donation of 10 double bed mattresses from the Whitecliffs resort.


Donell Seenyan for donating a huge box of clothes.


Alfredo of St. Kilda for donating a SIMAC “il Gelatiao 1600” Ice Cream maker.


Many thanks to Julie Kerdel for the hard work and networking she’s done to facilitate a sausage sizzles funds raising event for AKCO at the Woollies Supermarkets, Patterson Lakes to be held on the 11.12.2016; look out for more details coming soon on the ‘AKCO Facebook’ events section if you would like to support/ participate in this event. Volunteers are currently being registered. Huge thanks to the Rotary Club of Croydon for providing AKCO with public liability insurance for this function.


Some more big news after meeting with the Rotary Club of Croydon two weeks ago is that the building work at the Captain’s Choice Academy, Kenya will resume soon to finish off the plastering, painting and toilets including installation of water tanks and plumbing in readiness for the grand opening.


Other big news regarding school building work is that the ‘Omas kitchen’ sponsored by Johanna Mathot would also be kicking off at approximately the same time in readiness for the school opening.


A BIG thank you to Erna Scott for continuing to manage and to train AKCO personnel to manage the AKCO website. Please visit AKCO recently launched website at


We welcome new AKCO members Carli Mathiesen from Melbourne, Anna Omenda from Tarime, Tanzania and Gedeone from Arusha, Tanzania as well as many others who’ve already come on board, feel welcome!


Many more thanks and appreciation to all those who have continued to support AKCO financially including:Members of Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Deidre Williams Bartlett and Mark Sidandi’s lesson class as well as other members of the Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) feeding program. Ps. Ian Rankin, Brian L McFarlane, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin, Deidre and Geoff Bartlett.


Tax receipts that can be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.

More exciting news is that AKCO is soon embarking on the development of Camp Lolgorian at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. The camp will soon be open to AKCO volunteers who travel to Kenya from all over the world in order to participate in AKCO programs and projects. It will also be open to kids from the Captain’s Choice Academy as well as other kids from schools within Kenya and the East African region.


The Camp development is being undertaken by the Matabariba Bio- Construction group led by Billy Blunt and Tin Man. The building concept being used is the Super Adobe Earth bag building technology incorporating other environmentally friendly concepts such as permaculture. The Earth bag building crew are open to hear from those in Kenya and overseas interested to volunteer and join this building team. For more information such as how or when to register your interest please visit the AKCO website ‘Contact us’ page.This is a competitive chance to learn and also participate in this very enriching building experience and also interact with members of the Maasai Community of Kenya. (See Photos of Camp Lolgorian grounds provided)