January 2017 Newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter.

AKCO Newsletter 3/01/2017.

Happy New Year to all AKCO members and well wishers around the globe! May all your dreams, plans and aspirations come to fruition and may this New Year 2017 bring you fulfillment, happiness and abundant health. We appreciate all the support and help you continually give to the people of Kenya especially the disadvantaged children whose lives will always keep changing as they embrace new hope due to prospects of better education, nutrition and health offered because of your various contributions.

We thank the AKCO Germany chapter for the funds raised during their very successful fund raising and awareness creating event that managed to raise enough funds to hire one more teacher at the school for a whole year! Loads of thanks to AKCO Germany Director Birgit Eger and her friends for their dedication, hard work and support.

AKCO got the opportunity to hold two Sausage sizzle fund raising events at the Woolworths Super market, Mentone on 11.12.16 and at the Bunnings Hardware Stores, Carrum Downs on the New Year’s day 2017. Both events were a huge success with funds raised going to hire more teachers at the school in Kenya. We thank all AKCO members who participated and supported the two sausage sizzle fund raising events including Geoff Bartlett​ and Deidre Williams Bartlett​, Graham Blumfield, Rosie Acton, Sharron Sidandi​, Judy Lyew​, Julie Kerdel​, Bongi Whohlers, Leanne Munchan​, Melita Capon​ and Mark Sidandi​.

We would like to recognise and thank all those delivering Donations In Kind (DIK) to our Carrum Downs and Tootgarook collection points. Special thanks to:

Debbie Van Cuylenburg​ for 6 bags of clothes
Christine for 5 bags of clothes and 2 bags of hard toys.
Julie Kerdel for 2 boxes of assorted stuff and a glass shelve unit.
Sasha Kerdel​ for a bunch of assorted beauty products.
Andrew Bartosy​ and family for 4 large bags of clothes.
Pauline Cock for 3 bags of clothes.
Dino Latouche​ and Audrey Latouche for 12 bags of clothes.
Anonymous donor for a compressor unit.
Andrea Puddy​, Director. Goodstart Early Learning Frankston together with colleagues, children and parents for their donations in kind of another car load of clothes, baby clothes, toys, shoes and jumpers.

We acknowledge and thank volunteers in Kenya who have camped in Lolgorian to build the Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara an Eco Camp. We give special thanks to the Matabariba Bio- Construction group led by Kimberly Mwamburi​, Billy Blunt Billy​ and Tin Man​ among other local volunteers as well as those who flew in from Mexico and Czech Republic to add to the skill set at the camp.

We acknowledge and thank Judy Lyew for sponsoring Millie Awino giving her a rare opportunity to advance her education which is going to change her life and that of her village considerably. Many more children are desperately waiting for sponsors wiling to extend to them this special hand of love. Please visit the ‘Sponsor A Child’ page on the AKCO website and select your child today, both you and the child will love the experience.

Lots of appreciation to Erna Scott​ for her service on the AKCO website. You can visit the AKCO website at www.aussiekenyacomunity.org

We welcome new AKCO members who have come on board this month even though we have not mentioned you by name, please feel so much welcome. Looking forward to lots of interaction with you all!

We thank the following individuals and organisations for their continued financial and moral support of AKCO projects:

Pastor Ian Rankin, Brian L McFarlane​, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin​, Deidre Williams Bartlett and Geoff Bartlett together with Peter Huggan​. Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Deidre Williams Bartlett and Mark Sidandi’s lesson class as well as members of the Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) school feeding program, The Rotary Club of Croydon Australia​ for always stepping in to help. Marmara Halal Meats​, Dandenong for supporting the sausage sizzle events. Woolworths Supermarket, Mentone for hosting AKCO’s first sausage sizzle event. Bunnings Hardware Stores, Carrum Downs for hosting AKCO’s second sausage sizzle event and the Captain’s Choice​.

Tax receipts to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose. Carrum Downs

Some of the highlights of the year 2016:

AKCO got a container loading and storage yard in Hastings, Victoria that should become operational pretty soon, which will be Home for AKCO.
Donations at Tootgarook keep flowing under the management of Peter Huggan and Jazzy Huggan​.
Sponsorship of Millie Awino, by Judy Lyew.
AKCO Germany Chapter launched with Birgit Eger as Director. Funds drive and AKCO awareness successfully done in Nuremberg, Southern Germany.
Building work at Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara takes off.
42 New kids join the Ng’ope school, more expected to join this year. One child was lost through death. R.I.P Beatrice!
Two more teachers to be hired from funds raised in Germany as well as funds raised from the two Sausage Sizzles fund raising events.
AKCO Website constructed by Erna Scott and now fully operational.

Projects targeted in the year 2017:

Omas Kitchen to be constructed, sponsored by Johanna Mathot​.
Captain’s Choice School, Kenya to be finished, furnished and opened to 350 children.
Toilets at Captain’s Choice school to be constructed to allow school to open.
Donations In Kind (DIK) Container shipments to Kenya to start rolling off the shores of Melbourne.
More Donations In Kind (DIK) to be received, sorted, packed and shipped to Kenya.

Special Appeal;

AKCO appeals for any help to identify a surveyor and/ or engineer who can help with inspection of the Hastings block of land to prepare an “Application For Use Of Site” to be lodged at the Mornington Peninsula Shire in Mornington. Also help with graveling, fencing works and/ or materials will be highly appreciated.

We wish all AKCO members, well wishers and donors a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!
Thanks to Carrum Downs local noticeboard on FB for allowing AKCO posts on their platform.​