February 2017 Newsletter

February 2017 Newsletter.

AKCO Newsletter 4/02/2017.

Another interesting month has come and gone bringing very good tidings and development to the AKCO community in Kenya.

Some of the highlights of the month include:

Building works on the Omas Kitchen at the Proposed Captain’s Choice Academy takes off with foundation work completed in good time and brick walls erected. There is still a lot of work to be done on the kitchen but the excitement and joy amongst the school children and community members around Ng’ope village is palpable. Lots of appreciation and thanks to project contractor Dennis Akelo together with his building crew as well as all the other volunteers and participants involved with the Omas kitchen project Elisha Sidandi, Rose Otieno, Julius Ouko, and AKCO Photographer Oluoch Toby. Sincere gratitude to the Omas Kitchen project sponsor Johanna Mathot

Building work at Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara takes off with the first phase of the Super-adobe earth bag building dome towering at 4.6 meters (15ft) above the ground almost complete. Some fantastic artistic and painstaking work goes into the project taking so many skillful, talented and dedicated earth bag building enthusiasts drawn locally and from around the world. A lot of appreciation and gratitude to all the volunteers local and foreign who have put in their time and talent one way or another into this life changing mission and project. Well done to Tin Man, Blunt Billy, Michael Mwadime, Kimberly Mwamburi, Katte Kashem, Muthoni Rifchu, Symon Makombitho, Becky Smith and Tom both volunteering from Bristol, UK. Interesting to note that volunteers are at the same time imparting different skills and invaluable lessons to the local Maasai Moran crew who are all working and keenly following the building techniques taught.

Container for Kenya (1) lands on the Captain’s Choice Academy grounds in Ng’ope village Migori County Kenya and welcomed by an excited bunch of Ng’ope school kids. Container will add capacity and infrastructure to the school and will be converted and used as library, office and staff rooms, multimedia and computer lab etc. AKCO members in the village managed to offload container off the truck in a spirited effort despite lack of proper machinery! Big up to Elisha Sidandi, Oluoch Toby, George Maena, Rose Otieno, Moses Orlando together with all those who worked so hard to ensure everything went smoothly.

Container for Kenya (2) flagged off from Melbourne by AKCO members Graham, Geoff and Mark. The container for Kenya (2) finally leaves the shores of Australia on 31 January to begin its voyage from Port Melbourne to Port of Mombasa, Kenya which should take about 6 weeks!

Many thanks to all the individuals and organisations who have continued supporting AKCO in cash and in kind. The donations have been very much appreciated and even though we can’t name every individual we would like to express so much gratitude on behalf of the people of Kenya especially the children of Ng’ope School and Kanyimach community, Migori county Kenya whose lives are being touched and changed by such amazing generosity by the Aussie people.

We are still appealing for donations. We request that all those who are planning to donate to AKCO keep holding the items in home storage as we sort out AKCO storage space at Carrum Downs and in Tootgarook which are all filled to capacity. Once ready we will give directions on how and where the donations could start getting channeled to.

We are appealing for the following items:
Computers with flat screen monitors and especially laptops, flat screen TVs; tents of any kind, type, size or shape; mobile phones that you have upgraded from and no longer use (it would be appreciated if you could unblocked them first). Clothes, school uniforms, sports wear, household bric a brac, tools, books, bed linen, towels, shoes, toys (only new) including any small useful items that you consider to be of reasonably good quality and use.

We appeal to and encourage those who are thinking of sponsoring a child to please take the plunge and do so as many desperate children are still waiting to be linked with a kind sponsor such as you. If you would like to do participate in this program please visit the AKCO website on the link….Sponsor a Child.

To those in Kenya who are sending emails or messages about request for donations for various groups or organisations they represent, please go to the AKCO website and send the requests through the …Contact us Form… available on the website. This way the request can be properly documented, prioritised and processed etc. Please note that this facility is only available to groups and organisations.

Tax receipts to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.