AKCO Newsletter 3/03/2017.

AKCO Newsletter 3/03/2017.

March is here with us, and its like January and February fizzled away just like that! A lot of interesting things have been happening at AKCO over the last month both in Melbourne as well as in Kenya.

Here are just a few of the many exciting highlights:

The rains have started falling in parts of Kenya bringing much needed relief to farmers, as well as animals that had borne the brunt of drought and famine. There are still many parts of the country where starvation is biting, unfortunately taking a very heavy toll on people and animals.

The building works on the Omas Kitchen at the Proposed Captain’s Choice Academy is going on uninterrupted and the walls are almost complete, now at the Lintel level. We give a lot of appreciation and thanks to project contractor Dennis Akelo together with his building crew as well as all the other volunteers and participants involved with the Omas kitchen project Elisha Sidandi, Rose Otieno, Julius Ouko, and AKCO Photographer Oluoch Toby. Many, many thanks and gratitude to the Omas Kitchen project sponsor Johanna Mathot.

The building work at Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara is moving on steadily and the Super-adobe earth bag building dome towering at 4.6 meters (15ft) above the ground is almost complete. Massive thanks and appreciation to all the building crew as well as volunteers local and foreign who have put in their time and talent one way or another into this life changing mission and project.

Container for Kenya (2) which was flagged off from Melbourne by AKCO members at the end of January is now almost docking at the port of Mombasa, Kenya!

AKCO wishes to recognise and appreciate the following people and organisations for their continued support in cash and kind. Many thanks to:

Guarda for a dozen ladies leather handbags.

Andrea Puddy, Director. Goodstart Early Learning Frankston together with colleagues, children and parents for their donations in kind of a car load of adults clothes, baby clothes and toys, shoes and jumpers.

Julie Kardel for 3 Tents and a suitcase of assorted items.

Anonymous donor for a swimming pool water pump.

Graham Blumfield for a dozen exercise books and 4 water dispensing containers, wheel chair and 4 bags of clothes.

Caroline for a package of 60 brand New T-shirts.

Rhoda Lonzaneda for a box of hymn books, Communion table clothes/ netting etc a special gift to Ng’ope SDA Church.

Kathie Servetas Director. Goodstart Early Learning Frankston together with colleagues, children and parents for bags of baby Clothes, kids clothes and jumpers, shoes, soft toys and children’s books.

Andrew Bartosy and family for bags of Clothes, shoes, jumpers, sportswear, children’s clothes, Australian rules footballs, files, stationery, books, exercise books, dictionaries, etc.

Jeanette Blaxall for an assortment of household stuff, clothing, shoes, a camping air mattress, books etc.

Rhonda for a bag of clothes.

Bernard Field for a bag of clothes.

We give special recognition and appreciation to all those who have continued to support AKCO financially including members of Deidre and Mark’s lesson class as well as other members of the Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) feeding program, Ps. Ian Rankin, Brian McFarlane, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin, Deidre and Geoffrey Bartlett and members of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship.

We are still appealing for donations. We request that all those who are planning to donate to AKCO keep holding the items in home storage as we sort out AKCO storage space at Carrum Downs and in Tootgarook which are all filled to capacity. Once ready we will give directions on how and where the donations could start getting channeled to.

We are appealing for the following items:
Computers with flat screen monitors and especially laptops, flat screen TVs; tents of any kind, type, size or shape; mobile phones that you have upgraded from and no longer use (it would be appreciated if you could unblock them first). Clothes, school uniforms, sports wear, household bric a brac, tools, books, bed linen, towels, shoes, toys (only new) including any small useful items that you consider to be of reasonably good quality and will be useful.

We appeal to and encourage those who are thinking of sponsoring a child to please take the plunge and do so as many desperate children are still waiting to be linked with a kind sponsor such as you. If you would like to do participate in this program please visit the AKCO website and click on the link….Sponsor a Child.

You may also choose to sponsor a teacher who will in turn teach a class with at least 30 children. Please get in touch with us directly or through the website to participate in this.

To those in Kenya who are inquiring about donations for various groups or organisations they represent, please go to the AKCO website and send the requests through the …Contact us Form…. available on the website. This way the request can be properly documented, prioritised and processed etc. Please note that this facility is only available to groups and organisations for the time being.

Tax receipts to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.