AKCO Newsletter May 7, 2017

AKCO Newsletter May 2017

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Wintry May is finally here with us! Has been wet and cold but not so severe and brutal as of yet, my forecast …should be a toasty warm winter!

Its been fast and very challenging at AKCO both in Australia and Kenya. There has been untold obstacles and hurdles but thank God for the strength to overcome and soldier on, happy with what has transpired so far.

Here’s some very exciting and encouraging highlights:

The Omas Kitchen at the Proposed Captain’s Choice Academy is moving on unabated with the trusses and iron sheet roofing stage completed successfully. Much appreciation and gratitude to all those involved in this life changing project just to mention a few like: Project contractor Dennis Akelo, Elisha Sidandi, Rose Otieno, Julius Ongadi Ouko, AKCO Photographer Oluoch Toby, the building crew and other volunteers who’ve put in their time, talent and effort to get the Omas kitchen to its present state. Big up to project sponsor Johanna Mathot. Village community members are now asking when the grand opening will happen; seems like there are so many hungry kids waiting to be fed at this Omas kitchen! The next AKCO appeal would be for volunteers to donate food/ resources to be cooked to feed so many hungry mouths!

Camp Lolgorian, Maasai Mara is seeing a lot of interesting development each and every week which is quite exciting. Many thanks and appreciation to all those volunteers and builders both local and foreign who have put in so much time, effort and talent to make this life changing mission and project a reality. Things can now just get better and better from here on! AKCO recognises Eco-camp builders Tin Man, Kimberly Mwamburi, Symon Makombitho and Michael Mwadime as well as all the others who’ve worked on this project.

Container for Kenya (2) which was flagged off from Melbourne by AKCO members at the end of January has now left the port of Mombasa and landed at the AKCO yard in Highway Estate South C, Nairobi Kenya! Much appreciation and loads of accolades to AKCO agents in Mombasa and Nairobi who worked so hard to get this container out of the wharf, jumping all the hoops and hurdles, transport it on road from Mombasa to Nairobi a distance of 480 Kms (10 hrs drive) and to successfully offload it at the AKCO yard in an absolutely very well coordinated operation (watch video posted elsewhere). We would like to acknowledge and recognise Chris Wangara Kunina of Decent Logistics LTD as well as Collins Omondi Sidandi, Justus Omolo Junior (JeJe), Mary Rainwater and George Aringo for working around the clock and some behind the scenes to get this job done so efficiently.

AKCO Panel Van is the new exciting addition to AKCO. We would like to sincerely thank Deiter, Michael, Chloe and Michelle Windt for their most thoughtful, selfless and generous donation of a Toyota Hiace Panel Van to AKCO. The van comes fully fitted complete with a dual fuel/gas system, roof rack, tow bar and Vic Roads Registration all ready to go! This is a game changer for AKCO as we can now transport donated stuff much more easily and in bulk. This will enable AKCO rapidly respond to and collect donations that otherwise had been knocked back for lack of transport as hiring transport for bulky goods can be a very expensive affair in Melbourne. Many thanks to this gorgeous family and friends of AKCO.

AKCO wishes to recognise, appreciate and thank all those people and organisations who have continued to support AKCO in cash and kind. Many thanks to:

Ivana Bucknell, 3 bags of boys clothes and sportswear
Pauline Cock, 2 bags of clothes, a bag of ladies shoes and 6 novels
Audrey Latouche, 4 bags of clothes and assorted items
Graham, 6 shovels and a new walker
Glyn Castanelli and Lexy Jade Castanelli of Maryborough for a whole shop load of ladies clothes, shoes, children’s clothes, men’s clothes, toys, gift items, board games, DVDs, bed linen etc all brand new with price tags.
Ronelle Prior, Bed linen, clothes, shoes, handbags, doonas, donna covers etc
Michelle Windt and Deiter, Toyota Hiace Van complete with roof rack, tow bar, dual gas/ fuel fitting, Rego, floodlights for Camp Lolgorian, petrol driven ride on lawn mower.
Judy Lyew, a bag of clothes
Andrea Puddy, Carload of adult and kids clothes, jumpers, shoes, handbags, books, toys, baby clothes and accessories, books etc.
Tonya Field, bathroom scales and bag of clothes
Maree Hill of Knowledge Time Uniforms Factory in Carrum Downs, for two boxes of ex factory school uniforms, socks, jumpers, pants, wind cheaters, girls school dresses, jumpers etc.

Members of Deidre Williams Bartlett and Mark Sidandi’s lesson class and members of Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) school feeding program. Peter Huggan and Jazzy Huggan, Ps. Ian Rankin, Brian L McFarlane, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin, Deidre and Geoffrey Bartlett and members of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship, Merari Castillo and Marie Chris, Joan and Peter Landgren.

We keep appreciating and thanking Charlton Degg Land Development Consultants for doing the survey work at the “Home for AKCO” land/ site in Hastings. We especially thank Charlton Degg for offering their great services pro borno. This will enable AKCO file an application at the Shire of Mornington Peninsula for a permit to develop the said land. We make special mention of the Charlton Degg Land Development Consultants and highly recommend them to anyone looking to do survey work on their property or land.

AKCO Stores are still appealing for donations. We request that all those who are planning to donate to AKCO keep holding the items in home storage as we sort out AKCO storage space at Carrum Downs and in Tootgarook which are all filled to capacity. Once ready we will give directions on how and where the donations could start getting channeled to. AKCO members are currently rearranging and repackaging all donations for easier storage, shipping and handling.

AKCO Appeal: We have received urgent appeal from Kenya and Zambia for: Medical equipment of any kind including hospital beds, hospital linen, theatre equipment and instruments, dental equipment and instruments, medical supplies and consumables of any kind. If you or anyone you know could help AKCO access such donations please get in touch. We would really appreciate your help.

AKCO also keeps appealing for:
Computers/ flat screen monitors and especially laptops, flat screen TVs; tents of any kind, type, size or shape; mobile phones that you have upgraded from and no longer use (it would be appreciated if you could get them unblocked first). Clothes, school uniforms, sports wear, household bric a brac, tools, books, bed linen, towels, shoes, toys (only new) including any small useful items that you consider to be of reasonably good quality and will be useful.

We appeal to and encourage those who are thinking of sponsoring a child to please come forward and do so as many desperate children are still waiting to be linked with a kind sponsor such as you. If you would like to do participate in this program please visit the AKCO website and click on the link….Sponsor a Child.

You may also choose to sponsor a teacher who will in turn teach a class with at least 30 children. Please get in touch with us directly or through the website to participate in this.
To those in Kenya who are inquiring about donations for various groups or organisations they represent, please go to the AKCO website and send requests through the …Contact us Form…. available on the website. This way the request can be properly documented, prioritised and processed. Please note that this facility is only available to groups and organisations for the time being.

Tax receipts to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, please let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.