AKCO Newsletter June 2, 2017

AKCO Newsletter June 2, 2017

Australian Winter has finally roared in and its almost unimaginable that we’re bang right in the middle of the year 2017! Australia’s winter, from June to August, offers snow skiing “opportunities” in the Australian Alps. Mount Buller is a mountain in the Victorian Alps of the Great Dividing Range, located in the Australian state of Victoria popular for skiing and winter sports. It has an elevation of 1,805 metres. However in down town Melbourne and outer Melbourne suburbs you’d be met with quizzical funny looks if you reported to friends of seeing snow outside your front yard as Australian weather can be quite deceiving!

AKCO is sincerely thankful to God for all the blessings, guidance and strength to overcome and accomplish so much over the first half of this year which only happened as a result of the dedicated help and contribution of so many members and well wishers who have supported AKCO in many and diverse ways including much prayerful moral support.

Some of the recent interesting and encouraging highlights in AKCO include:

The Omas Kitchen at the Proposed Captain’s Choice Academy is finally at the finishing stages with plastering work happening as we write this. We give a lot of appreciation and gratitude to all those involved in this life changing project just to mention a few like: Project contractor Dennis Akelo, Elisha Sidandi, Rose Otieno, Julius Ongadi Ouko, AKCO Photographer Oluoch Toby, the building crew and other volunteers from the Kanyimach community who’ve put in their time, talent and effort to get the Omas kitchen to where it is now. We sincerely thank and appreciate project sponsor Johanna Mathot. The kids and village community members can’t wait for the grand opening and there are so many hungry kids who will make a decision to permanently stay in school and concentrate on their studies encouraged by the prospects of a warm meal/ drink served during tea and lunch breaks! Please remember that AKCO is now kindly appealing for donations from volunteers to help us feed these well over 250 children who will be attending this school!

AKCO members are planning a working visit to Kenya in August 2017 and top on their list will be the official grand opening of the Omas Kitchen. If you would like to join this group and visit Kenya with an opportunity to tour the world renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve then please get in touch to express your interest.

AKCO wishes to recognise, appreciate and thank all the people and organisations who have continued to support AKCO in cash and kind. Many thanks to:

Jubilee Fellowship for a Truck load of clothes and to Danel Seenyan for a massive box of assorted clothes.

Members of Deidre Williams Bartlett and Mark Sidandi’s lesson class and members of Frankston SDA church who support the UJI (Porridge) school feeding program. Jazzy Huggan, Peter Huggan, Ps. Ian Rankin, Brian L McFarlane, Judy Lyew, Trent Martin, Geoff and Deidre Williams Bartlett and members of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship, Merari Castillo, Erna Scott, Bongi Wohlers, Marie Chris, Joan and Peter Landgren. The Rotary Club of Croydon and Captain’s Choice – Private Jet Tours.

We sincerely acknowledge and thank Erna Scott for not only developing the AKCO website that has helped AKCO realise so much but for also renewing the annual website hosting subscription for AKCO to keep the website going for yet another year. Much appreciation and gratitude to Erna and her gorgeous family.

Much gratitude, appreciation and sincere thanks to Charlton Degg Land Development Consultants for doing the survey work at the “Home for AKCO” land/ site in Hastings. We especially thank Charlton Degg for offering their great services pro bono. After Charlton Degg presented the survey report to AKCO we found ourselves confronted with yet another challenge of how to prepare the Application for Planning Permit and accompanying Plans which must be approved by the Council Shire before any use or development of the property can happen. This is a highly complex undertaking that involves a lot of players and we were seriously struggling with. Once again we knocked at the doors of Charlton Degg Land Development Consultants at their sprawling offices in Mt Eliza for help and were received with open arms. Company Director Michael Degg made a commitment that their company Charlton Degg will undertake to prepare the application for planning approval to the Mornington Shire, prepare a design of AKCO’s proposed works which will accompany the Planning Application to Council for a permit that allows the intended “use”, the proposed works and crossover, all this pro bono again! We would like to not only thank these very kind people but to also highly recommend Charlton Degg Land Development Consultants to anyone looking for land development, survey and planning services for their land or property development. You will be quite impressed by the services offered by these guys and will be in very great hands as soon as you choose to do business with them. Simply unbelievable that people can handle their business with so much grace and kindness, doing so much to support the community and charity including the kids in Kenya.

AKCO Stores are still appealing for donations. We request that all those who are planning to donate to AKCO to keep holding the items in home storage as we sort out AKCO storage space at Carrum Downs and in Tootgarook which are all filled to capacity. Once ready we will give directions on how and where the donations could start getting channeled to. AKCO members are currently rearranging and repackaging all donations for easier storage, shipping and handling.

AKCO Appeal: We have received urgent appeal from Kenya and Zambia for: Medical equipment of any kind including hospital beds, hospital linen, theatre equipment and instruments, dental equipment and instruments, medical supplies and consumables of any kind. If you or anyone you know could help AKCO access such donations please get in touch. We would really appreciate your help.

AKCO is appealing for:
Catering and Baking equipment, especially cake mixers. Computers/ flat screen monitors and especially laptops, flat screen TVs; tents of any kind, type, size or shape; mobile phones that you have upgraded from and no longer use (it would be appreciated if you could get them unblocked first). Clothes, school uniforms, sports wear, household bric a brac, tools, books, bed linen, towels, shoes and toys including any small useful items that you consider to be of reasonably good quality.

We appeal to and encourage those who are thinking of sponsoring a child to please come forward and do so as many desperate children are still waiting to be linked with a kind sponsor such as you. If you would like to participate in this program please visit the AKCO website and click on the link….Sponsor a Child.

You may also choose to sponsor a teacher who will in turn teach a class with at least 30 children. Please get in touch with us directly or through the website to participate in this.
To those in Kenya who are inquiring about donations for various groups or organisations they represent, please go to the AKCO website and send requests through the …Contact us Form…. available on the website. This way the request can be properly documented, prioritised and processed. Please note that this facility is only available to groups and organisations for the time being.

Please note that Tax receipts to be lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax return claims can be issued for any cash donations of $2 and above, so let us know if you would require a tax receipt for this purpose.

You can give kids a chance for a happy, healthy future. Your donation can break the cycle of poverty. The only answer is in Clean Water, Good Nutritional Food, Health and Education that will impart Skills.