AKCO report to Rotary Australia World Community Services

Aussie Kenya Community Organisation is a project to develop and expand primary school educational opportunities and facilities in the N’Gope District of Kenya. This project is supported by the Rotary club of Croydon.

Mark Oduor Sidandi Sidandi from Aussie Kenya Community Organisation gives an update from his team’s return from Kenya:

There were many things achieved at the end of the teams recent visit.

Teachers were more confident in their teaching techniques, they were very well informed on best teaching practice, how to access
material from the Internet and how to actually use it and impart the information and knowledge to their respective students.

Students were issued with exercise books and pens and were more motivated to come to school and learn. Footballs were
provided and the kids were able to actually run, kick and play with balls in their school compound during break time. There was
more interaction between students and more were attracted to come to school for the first time just to be part of this fun.

Mature age students were taught about the adult reproductive system and were more informed about their bodies, sexuality and
how to handle this taboo subject which will improve their love for education and discourage early marriages following early
pregnancy caused mostly by ignorance and lack of proper information.

Every pupil was issued with a toothbrush which is expected to create more awareness and encourage proper dental hygiene and
general cleanliness.

Builders were motivated and encouraged to complete the Captain’s Choice Academy Building which is still under construction. They
did a good job at it and managed to pull off quite a lot as all classrooms were plastered, all windows and doors were finely
plastered and the staircase was built. Additional rooms were created in the otherwise empty hallway to create a staff-room at the
top floor, a decent sized store near the staff-room at the top floor, a large office at the ground floor and space for a staff toilet just
under the top staircase.

The builders were taught about safe work practice, wearing of right work gear, dangers arising from allowing unauthorised persons into the work site, improved building styles like not plastering the red bricks as is commonly practiced by the locals but instead keying the bricks and pointing the joints with mortar then painting the joints to
achieve a beautiful looking red brick building able to weather the elements. Record keeping and how to use First Aid kits provided at the work place.