The Captain’s Choice Academy Building Project

 The Captain’s Choice Academy Building Project.

One of the major items listed on our things to do list was to do as much as we could on the Captain’s Choice Academy building project as we race to get it finished.

Much appreciation to the team of dedicated builders that comprises of a dozen skillful builders coming from both Kenya and Tanzania and working tirelessly to ensure things go as envisioned and as planned.

It was quite admirable to everyday see them start work at 6 a.m and down their tool as late as 6 p.m except on the weekends. They have organised some ladies in the village to cook and deliver breakfast and lunch to the site and also someone to cook them dinner.

They’ve got some insane building skills and their work is really admirable which has enabled them to easily pull off some serious finishing touches that has got many in the village trooping over to take a look even as they work! We have several videos on how they work to share soon.

We delivered truck after truck of bricks, sand, ballast, building lime and cement etc. as was needed which they used to quickly plaster all the classrooms to some real fine finish. Each evening when we went over to inspect the work progress, we just left with wider and wider smiles and with more surprises!

We were so enthused that we even went beyond the budget and made some additions on the middle section of the building that served as the main entrance hallway. These additions have ended up creating a sizable office at the ground floor, a large staff room on the first floor and a decent size storeroom on the side of the staircase as you climb the stairs to get to the top classrooms and with the space below the top stair case, on the ground floor being converted into a small staff toilet!

By the time we were leaving and having exhausted our entire budget allocation we were still left with work to do on rendering the classroom floors, then the painting job, doing the grills on the top floor balcony as well as on the stair case and fitting of glass on all the window frames. We’re also still seeking and hoping for funds to build the toilets after which the school would be ready for opening to well over 350 excited and eager to learn students!

We kept receiving messages from across the village that even kids from across other distant villages are all waiting on the wings spoiling to come join The Captain’s Choice Academy when the first opening bell will ring! We know that we probably would not be able to cope with the mad rush to gain admission by so many but we’ll try to welcome and accommodate as many kids as we can possibly fit in.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and especially to The Captain’s Choice Private Jet Tours for sponsoring the building of this school to where its got so far and also a big up to the members of The Rotary Club of Croydon, Melbourne for facilitating all this!