A Film of AKCO Trip to Kenya to Promote Education, Health & Nutrition

It was such a busy but awesome week for AKCO who got two rare opportunities to make presentations about our recent trip to Kenya.

The week started with a presentation to the Rotary Club of Croydon at the Dorset Gardens Hotel, Croydon where AKCO showed a short film of the trip as well as a PowerPoint presentation in pictures about the story of the Ng’ope School Children in Migori County of Kenya.

The week ended today with yet another presentation of the same film shown to another AKCO sponsor, the Frankston SDA church at a colorful ceremony that saw AKCO members Geoff and Deidre who both traveled to Kenya during this trip showcase their Maasai attire complete with artifacts and jewelry. These was presented to them by the Maa Community in honour of their continued role in supporting various causes in the Maasai Community living around Maasai Mara Game Reserve where they promote maternal health and education.

On behalf of the Ngope, Kanyimach Community AKCO extends a lot of appreciation and gratitude to the Croydon Rotary Club led by President Stephen Bode and his gorgeous wife Ruth, PP John and Pat Gander, AKCO Project Manager Joy Varughese, incoming President 2018/2019 Jean Stuart, PP Ross, Marlene and many other amazing Rotarians at the Croydon Club as well as the Captain’s Choice Private Jet Tours for their role in helping AKCO build the new school at the Ngope, Kanyimach Village that will soon open its gates to well over 350 Kids!

This has actually been a Ng’ope Children’s Week and a Kanyimach Community Week where we got this rare opportunity to tell their story to Australia and the global audience through pictures and film in two different venues.

Many thanks to AKCO members Sharron Sidandi, Graham Blumfield, Geoff Bartlett and Deidre Williams Bartlett as well as the many AKCO well wishers Peter Huggan, Judy Lyew, Brian L McFarlane, Enrique Verdugo, Guarda, Rudalyn Lonzaneda and family, Ronelle Prior, Bongi Wohlers, Norman Melarpis, Mark and Deidre’s Lesson class, Pst. Ian Ranklin, Erna and Dean Scott’s family, Trent Martin, Jubilee Christian Fellowship, Frankston SDA Church, the Captain’s Choice Private Jet Tours and Johanna Mathot and many others not mentioned. Thanks again to everybody involved in any big or small way as together we will make this new school to be named The Captain’s Choice Academy to become a reality and a blessing to many children and the entire Ng’ope/ Kanyimach community. Many thanks to Enrique Verdugo of www.orionappliedtechnology.com.au for the editing and mixing work, good job!