About Us

Aussie Kenya Community Organization (AKCO) is based in Melbourne, Australia with an operation base in Kenya-Africa.

AKCO is a not for profit, non-denominational organization that focus on doing charity work amongst the disadvantaged local community that live in rural Kenya.

Some of the projects so far undertaken and supported by AKCO include:

Provision of water tanks for the collection and retention of rain water that is currently being used by up to 200 children at a nursery and primary school in a village school. Without this water tanks the children have to do with drinking raw water collected from streams and rivers that flow around their schools which result in all sorts of water borne diseases.

Donation of books and stationery to rural schools. Without these donations the teachers have to make do with writing on mud smeared walls that are made from black cotton soil mud which act as blackboards!

AKCO is at an advanced stage to set up a village library which will be a first ever in Kenya. This will be run and managed by full-time librarians from the community.

AKCO is also involved in supporting disadvantaged and orphaned boys and girls pay tuition fees to pursue their secondary up to college and University education.

AKCO fully sponsors a Kindergarten and primary school in the village which currently has over 250 children and 7 teachers. AKCO pays all these teachers and the school is open to disadvantaged boys and girls in the village who cannot afford school fees in any other schools.

AKCO runs a feeding program at the school whereby the school kids are provided with a porridge meal made from a grain mixture of (30 parts cassava, 3 parts finger millet and 4 parts barley). This porridge meal is highly nutritious (according to the World Food Programme and WHO); it offers all the daily nutrient requirements for children who otherwise would miss out on nutrition at home.

AKCO hopes to build a modern kitchen cum dining hall for the kids at their school, currently they have to take their porridge meal standing or seating under trees.

AKCO supports a disability support network in Kenya that helps disabled people in various parts of Kenya engage and run small economic projects for their daily sustenance.

AKCO Supports the Motherly Care Children’s Home, an Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. The Orphanage has over 200 children from babies to teenagers with diverse needs.

AKCO receives and collects donations in kind from well-wishers in Melbourne, Australia; items such as shoes, clothes, bed linen, toys, books, stationery, sports items, laptops, power and hand tools, medical equipment and supplies etc which are then sorted, packed in containers and shipped from Melbourne to Kenya.

AKCO with the support of Rotary Club of Croydon is currently building an 8 classrooms school for the children of Ng’ope village, Migori County Kenya.

With the support of various sponsors and organisations like:

  • One Planet Classrooms
  • Frankston SDA Church
  • Jubilee Fellowship of Frankston

Australia and many other like-minded individuals AKCO is looking forward to achieve a lot more to make a huge difference in the lives of the disadvantaged people in rural Kenya.

We invite you to partner with us and/or support us in any way you can. Feel free to contact us for any information regarding fundraising, donations or any other questions. Your ideas are certainly most welcome!