Our Organisers

Mark and Sharon

Sharron a native of Australia  first visited Kenya in 2004 where she met Mark, a Kenya native. Mark took her on an extensive tour of ‘breathtaking Kenya’ including the village of Kanyimach, Migori County where he was born. The two got married in Nairobi and Mark later moved to Australia to join Sharron in 2006. Soon they were engaged in supporting disadvantaged children access education back home in Kenya and this led to the need for more community participation and outreach work.


Sharron and Mark both work in community development work in Melbourne, Australia where Mark works with the Department of Human Services and Sharron works with Able Australia. Their passion for community work led to more spirited effort to contact friends and well-wishers in Melbourne who happily joined in this work giving it a much needed fresh blood and AKCO was founded in 2009.


Ever since AKCO has been heavily involved in various community projects and fund raising activities to help ship donations in kind (DIK) to Kenya as well as build a primary school for over 350 children in the Kanyimach village and with the help of the Rotary Club of Croydon, Vic. Australia.