Building a School

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The Captain’s Choice School, Kenya is a charity funded primary school located in Kanyimach village, Migori County Kenya. The school provides a high-quality education to over 250 children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds with a genuine and demonstrable financial need. The school provides employment to well over 20 Kenyans in various capacities.

 AKCO wishes to sincerely thank and acknowledge The Captain's Choice: Private Jet Tours and Luxury Cruises for sponsoring the building of the Ng’ope school in Kanyimach village of Migori County, Kenya at enormous cost.

 The school will henceforth be named The Captain’s Choice Academy and on behalf of the over 250 children, teachers, parents and members of the Kanyimach village community and its environs we truly thank the donor for this selfless act. Upon completion the school is anticipated to cater for 500 children.

 We also thank The Croydon Rotary Club Australia, who is facilitating this project. We sincerely appreciate and thank all those Rotarians in RC Croydon who are tirelessly working behind the scenes towards the realisation of this project.

 We wish to also acknowledge and thank the following:

 The Mac. Robertsons Girls’ High School, Melbourne for donating classroom chairs and tables.

The Croydon Primary School, Croydon for donating chairs, tables, teaching aids and other learning equipment.

The Banyan Fields Primary School, Carrum Downs for donating chairs and school uniforms.