Volunteering/Join AKCO Projects


Volunteering in Africa is a richly rewarding and life changing experience for both the volunteer and the local community. AKCO volunteer projects in Kenya offer lots of incredible opportunities for volunteers to impact the community and share their various skills and resources.

 ACKO Volunteer Projects work with existing, Community-based initiatives, ensuring that all community involvement is ongoing and sustainable.

 ACKO Volunteer Projects are suited to individual and/or groups wishing to volunteer on a slightly longer basis (4 – 8 weeks). We offer a grassroots approach to serving the needs of surrounding communities, to ensure that our programs develop self-sustaining communities, not dependency. All volunteers are ‘guided’ through the volunteer experience by committed, on-the-ground ACKO staff.

Volunteer Projects

As a volunteer you will spend your time offering much-needed assistance to several Projects such as:

Work in an Orphanage,

Teaching in various schools – English, writing skills, Art, Sports, Tailoring skills, Computers, Music instruments etc

Work in Community Projects – Women Groups, Youth groups, Church groups

Work in building Projects